With the onset and rapid roar in the number of online users, the internet is not accessed only from laptops or desktops but also mobile phones, tablets and other devices while they are on the move. Gone are the days when the ravishment of morning tea was incomplete without a newspaper. Nowadays large number of people serve their quest for information and news browsing the internet while on move.

Realizing the need of the hour, it has become vital to switch the service delivery module of an organization with the advancement in technology and changes in consumer behavior, otherwise the reach to target market of an organization would be adversely and widely affected.

In the field of web design and development, Responsive Website Designs ( also referred as RWD) has become an urgent call for implementation and will become the future of website designing.

Responsive Website Designing is the technique used in website designing which makes the website usable and adjustable to various devices be it laptop, computer, mobile or any other based on the screen size and resolution. Say, switching from desktop to smart phone, the website should automatically adjust itself based on user's preferences. The website designs should be responsive to beat the competition and avoid losing out the target customers.

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Web Quickr , a recognized name in the IT industry with a rich legacy of providing effective business solutions since 2014, having large range of website products ;i.e. ecommerce portals,job portals,school websites .